Infrared Certification

Infrared Thermography Certification is the only qualification that matters in the thermography industry. ITC Certification shows that a thermographer is qualified to operate an infrared camera and has a clear understanding of its techniques and limitations of infrared therapy.

To get certified, students must attend an infrared certification training course and pass quizzes and exams. They then attend field assignments to demonstrate their understanding of the infrared camera.

InterNACHI Infrared Certification Course For Inspectors, Contractors, Energy Auditors and Realtors

Take Our Infrared Certified Class and Become a Professional

Level Building Thermographer From Your Own Home.

This is What You Get With Our Class

(All Benefits Are For On-Location or On-Line Classes)

  • 300 pages of class material on Infrared and Building Science (.pdf)
  • Access to our 16 hr Podcast recording on demand. (Get started right away and complete the class at your own pace)
  • Podcast is just like being at a real on-location class
  • FREE InterNACHI membership ($499 value – new members only)
  • $100 discount on renewal fee (for members of InterNACHI)
  • Deep Student discounts on Thermal Imaging cameras
  • FREE decals, logos, patches, books, slide show and video
  • Marketing ideas and instructions on how to write a report
  • Our class will help you become INFRARED CERTIFIED

Our Infrared Certification Class is Intense Thermal Imaging Training, Plus We Cover Topics About…

  • How To Start Your Thermal Imaging Business Doing Home Inspections, Energy Audits, Moisture Detection, Electrical Problems, HVAC Issues, Plumbing
Graph showing generational decline in testosterone levels

News: Red Light and Near Infrared Light Therapy May Increase Testosterone Production

Around 30, men start to lose testosterone in their bodies. Low testosterone can lead to lower energy, reduced sex drive, weight gain, and depression. Many doctors prescribe testosterone steroids that can leave unwanted side effects and cannot be administered to older men. Fortunately, there are many natural supplements and therapies available you can help boost the production of free testosterone in your body, without the nasty side effects you’d get from anabolic steroids.

Low Levels of Testosterone Are Known to Cause Weight Gain

Researchers are finding that light therapy can have a positive effect on male infertility as natural light exposure on a men’s testes has been shown to increase the motility of sperm. A 2016 Italian study evaluated men who had been diagnosed with low libido. Researchers tested the testosterone levels of men who were receiving a clinical dose of light therapy and found that participants saw an increase in their T-levels.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Hair loss
  • Testicle size reduced
  • Low libido
  • Increase in body fat
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Studies show that when the human body absorbs red and near-infrared light, it helps increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Studies also show that these wavelengths help stimulate the Leydig cells, which plays a crucial role in producing testosterone.

For men who don’t want to try light therapy, many supplemental vitamins can feed your body what it needs to get optimal testosterone production. Eating a diet rich in minerals and nutrients is crucial to making sure your body is at its optimal testosterone production ability. Unfortunately the modern diet falls short of micronutrient and testosterone boosting vitamins. Fortunately, testosterone boosters are formulated to be safer alternatives to anabolic steroids. Many men take these supplements to feed them micronutrients they may be deficient in because of the modern diet.

What Our Courses Look Like

Infrared Training Course

TITLE: “Thermal Imaging And Building Science”

This is an infrared training course intended to familiarize home inspectors with this new non-

destructive testing technology and its applications for building and home inspections.

  1. What is thermal imaging?
  2. The purpose of Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections.
    1. Better Inspections
    2. Decreased Liability
    3. Additional Income form Ancillary Services
  3. The Physics of Light
    1. Electromagnetic Spectrum
    2. Frequency
    3. Color
    4. Heat
  4. The Physics of Thermal Imaging
    1. Delta T
    2. Emissivity, Reflectivity, Transparency
    3. Thermal Mass
  5. Different Types of Image Display
    1. Black & White, Rainbow, Iron
    2. Temperature Scales.
    3. Adjusting temperature scales for a better image.
  6. Applications for Home Inspection
    1. Water Infiltration
    2. Excessive Moisture in Materials
    3. Electrical Inspection Applications
    4. HVAC applications
    5. Pipe Location
    6. Pest Infestation
    7. Energy Audit
  7. Inspection Techniques
    1. Exterior scanning.
    2. Interior scanning.
    3. Electrical scanning.
  8. Report Writing, Marketing, Liability.
  9. Building Science, Structure, Systems, And Defects.

Thermal imaging training will include testing and field assignments. All students will have personal interaction with the instructor. No IR camera is required to take this thermal imaging training course.

Why Realtors Are Hiring Infrared Thermal Image Inspectors

Many realtors are now getting thermographers to inspect homes up for purchase. Infrared imaging can reveal issues such as moisture, mold, structural cracks, and can help you determine the source of the problems within the home. One of the many reasons realtors hire thermographers is because it is non-invasive, and you don’t have to take the house part to figure out whats wrong.

There Is A Growing Work-Force Needed For Infrared Image Scanning

Infrared scanning can point out electrical issues and help you identify the source of electrical problems. It can also help you find roofing leaks because water is typically found at a low temperature, infrared can show where there are bad leaks in the wintertime and can with repairs bring up the value of your home. [1]

[1] Thermal Imaging for Building Diagnostics. PD&R EDGE.